1. Bleach kills mould. Not only does bleach lose potency from the moment it is manufactured, most household bleach is simply not strong enough to kill mould even when fresh. 
  2. You only have to worry about mould after a water leak.  While mould loves wet areas all mould needs to grow is some humidity. 
  3. Small mould colonies are not that bad. Small mould colonies are signs of a much bigger problem, and if left untreated will end up becoming a very big problem.
  4. Once the mould is gone you can forget about it. Mould is all around us, as soon as you clean it up it will reappear- that is unless you have taken steps to control the mould such as improving ventilation or using a proven product such as Green-Goo.
  5. Only Black Mould is Deadly.  Actually it doesn't actually matter what color the mould is as given the right conditions lots of different moulds can produce mycotoxins.