GREEN-GOO Gel & Power Crystals

GREEN-GOO Gel & Power Crystals

Green Goo comes in a convenient range of sizes to provide coverage for a range of moudly situations

Stopping mould really is as simple as opening a jar.

Green-Goo is specially formulated to gradually vaporise and disperse a proprietary blend of Tea Tree and Clove Oil, scientifically proven to kill mould spores.

By placing a tub in a rooms airflow, such as near a fan or on top of an air conditioner the vapour will disperse throughout the room providing protection from mould and bacteria. The best placing of the tub is at a height of approximately 6ft so the vapour can disperse efficiently. The tub will last a minimum 30 days up to 90 days.

The diffuser tub has a vented lid that regulates the quantity of vapour dispersed into the room- each tub can cover an area of around a living room; for larger rooms simply use more tubs. 

The tub is exhausted when the product has completely evaporated leaving behind biodegradable green sandy stuff that is easily disposed in regular household waste - simply top up the tub with the economy refill to continue protection. 

Please note the Power Crystals and Gel are the same thing- it's pure spin dreamt up by our marketing banana and we're stuck with it for a while.