Frequently Asked Questions about Green-Goo products.

Which product will clean the mould off my walls and ceiling?

Anti Mould Spray will do the trick, if it's particularly nasty go for the Heavy Duty version, remember to back it up with the gels, we have a great value Kit.

If I have to choose, should I buy the Bathroom Buster or the Anti Mould Spray?

Get the Anti mould Spray- it's more versatile and works fine in bathrooms.

Why is Green-Goo so effective against mould?

The problem with most mould cleaners is they don't actually do anything apart from turn it invisible; it's as if the mould gets a "suntan"- except instead of going tan it becomes invisible. Just like a skin tan it soon fades, the mould soon grows and the part of the mould that was previously invisible becomes visible and suddenly it's far worse than before.

Green-Goo Gel creates a continual supply of natural proven mould killing vapor that steadily kills all the mould in a room- all by using the natural airflow.

Green-Goo sprays are designed to entice the mould to "eat" the mould killer ingredients killing the mould from within.

What does the goo smell like?

It smells lovely- Mostly smells like Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus, like a walk  in the bush on a cool spring afternoon. You'll only notice the smell for a little while, then you will notice you will ignore the smell and be able to enjoy whatever air fresheners you usually enjoy.

What are the ingredients?

The active ingredients of our products include highest quality organic essential oils including Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Clove Oil . All ingredients are biodegradable. Other than that ingredients may include:

Non-ionic (biodegradable) surfactant, ethanol from natural sugars, naturally-sourced alkalinity builders. Contains natural essential oil that may change colour over time. 

*No added: Bleach, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, sulphates and artificial fragrances. No tested on animals, vegan friendly, free from animal derived ingredients.

Is it safe for septics?

Yes! Because Green-Goo Gel is deployed by vaporisation it can't contaminate your septic system, and as the liquid is delivered sparingly via a spray bottle it doesn't get a chance of going near your system either.

Is it safe for people with respiratory illness?

Yes. In fact many people report that due to the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil content it actually helps. Naturally if you should feel sensitisation to the product you should stop using it immediately. 

How long does the goo last??

The right size container will keep you mould free for a minimum of 1 month. If you place your container on a shelf and the room has some forced air flow (ceiling fans) or natural air flow (cross ventilation through open windows) your container can last for up to 3 months!!

Will it work in my bathroom?

Yes! It works by dispersing our patient protected mould, virus and bacteria killing formulation via vaporisation. The vapour kills the mould, so providing you keep airflow happening you'll be mould free.

How much do I need?

Each tub covers up to 16-20m² -roughly the size of a mid size room such as the lounge room. To cover more space simply use more tubs.

Can I buy it in the shops?

Yes! We have LOTS of retailers in Far North Queensland.


For most orders shipping is $10 for standard or $15 for express, however if you manage to spend over $100 we'll ship it FREE! 

What about overseas sales?

We'll gladly send Green-Goo anywhere using verified logistics partners such as DHL or TNT etc..  Minimum Order Quantities apply.

What happened with the Purse?

One of our customers contacted us though our facebook page saying she rescued her favourite purse by spraying it, waiting 10 minutes and then wiping the horrid mould away. She was so pleased with the result she sent us the photos.

Has it been tested on animals?

NO! We base all our recommendations on collected research from studies on the individual ingredients.

Is it safe for animals?

Used as directed Green-Goo perfectly safe for regular pets like dogs, cats, birds, frogs etc..  However the data we have found on the effects of Tea Tree Oil on reptiles - especially non-natives, leads us to recommend against using Green-Goo in the same room as you keep pet snakes.

Naturally you should take common sense precautions and keep the product away from curious critters.

What's the difference between Bathroom Buster and Anti Mould Spray?

Bathroom Buster has soap scum remover properties (and is mildly acidic) and because it's going down the drain has less expensive anti mould ingredients. Anti Mould Spray is more alkaline and has much more anti mould ingredients.

My goo has turned into green stiff stuff?

This means your goo is exhausted. To continue to stop the mould you'll need to get a refill kit. Luckily it's very economical.

Why is my Goo milky?

If your goo arrives and it looks different to the website don't worry, it's just had a bumpy ride during transit; it will work exactly the same.

How do you get mould off a pram?

You don't. Mould is far too dangerous to mess about with in extremely close proximity to small kids, the danger that there may be missed spores somewhere deep in the contraption is just not worth it. Chuck the pram and get a new one.

Do you supply to trade?

Yes.  Just email us for details. 

Can I eat Green-Goo?

We are bewildered why anyone in their right mind would think a product for cleaning and killing mould is in any way edible, yet here we are having to actually create this paragraph in our FAQ. So just to be absolutely clear on the issue DO NOT EAT GREEN-GOO PRODUCTS. If you do feel a strong compulsion to consume our products please seek professional help.