Eliminate Mould & Prevent Its Return: A Step-by-Step Guide

3 Simple Steps To Clean Mould Properly.

But FIRST...

Check for leaks, if you have a leaking roof or burst pipe it WILL NOT MATTER what you do to clean up the mould- it WILL come back until the leak is fixed.

3 Simple Steps to Clean mould and stop it coming back.

  1. Use PPE.
  2. Kill it with Anti Mould Spray & Clean it up with a microfibre cloth.
  3. Use green Goo Gel to stop it coming back.

    Essential PPE for cleaning mould.

    Wear PPE to protect against exposure to mould and to prevent the spread of mould to other areas.

    For low risk situations this should include:

    • a face mask (P2 or higher)
    • disposable gloves
    • safety glasses

    For nastier situations this should also include:

    • disposable protective clothing
    • shoe/boot covers.

    After cleaning carefully dispose of PPE and have a shower.

    How to use Anti Mould Spray

    The Anti mould Spray is an excellent surface spray and the first step in sanitisation. It will deliver instant sanitisation and deodorisation.

    Within 20 minutes the great smelling Anti Mould Spray  starts eliminating Mould & Bacteria.


    The application of the products is safe and easy. 

    STEP 1 – Spray  the affected area -Always spot test just in case. Wait 20 minutes for it to penetrate to ensure the sanitation. 

    STEP 2 – Wipe any stain off with microfibre cloth. Scrubbing is not normally needed. 

    STEP 3 – Respray for lasting prevention. The spray will be effective until it dries up and falls off or is washed away. To stop mould coming back use Green-Goo Gel.

    One more thing...

    Clean up is just the first part of the process, we are giving you more information on how to control mould after the clean up because if you're not careful it will come back with a vengeance.

    How to control mould and stop it coming back LINK HERE.

    How the Evaporative Gel works.

    Through a natural evaporation process, the Gel releases a special formulation of scientifically proven powerful mould killing essential oils killing airborne and static mould.

    Just open a container, place it in an airflow and the pleasant smelling vapour from our proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils immediately starts releasing into the air killing the cause of nasty mouldy odours. 

    The vapour functions as a germicide by causing structural damage in the cell walls and membranes of bacteria and fungi. The damage leads to the denaturing of the cell's live components.

    Once your container is opened, you will smell the subtle pleasant tea tree scent.

    This is nature's own antiseptic going to work inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi for a period of no less than 30 days.

    Simply place the product on a flat surface near circulating air- like an air conditioner  intake, or near a fan at a moderate height. It’s that easy!