The horror of finding mould clogging your air conditioner is nearly as extreme as the efforts in trying to clean it out.

Why is mould in air conditioning especially bad?

Mould in air conditioning is a real problem across Australia. Our humid climate and warm summers foster the growth of mould perfectly and this can be a nightmare for homeowners! Mould anywhere is far from ideal, but mould in air conditioning is especially bad.

When mould gets into your air conditioner, it will go into circulation around your home. This type of mould can cause illness and allergies.

So, it’s important to deal with it swiftly as if you don't it can mean expensive visits from the air conditioner tradies.

Prevent Mould in Your Air Conditioner with these Simple Steps

It's a better option to stop the mould before it becomes an issue. Simple steps can ensure you don't have a mouldy air conditioner in the first place.

1. Keep your air conditioner clean

Wiping it down with some Heavy duty anti mould spray will minimise the amount of household dust that can enter the system which will reduce the amount of possible food sources for mould.

2. Clean your filters frequently

During Summer it's common to be running the air con 24/7- but it's very important to take out the filters and give them a good wash under the tap.

A dirty filter will promote mould and also be responsible for high power bills and your air conditioner not cooling as effectively as it can.

4. Clean the air-conditioner vents.

Most vents are very bendy and easily removed- just take note of how you take it out and do the opposite to put it back in- oh and take care with the little connector plug things as they can fall out.

5. Clear the air-conditioner drains

It's very simple procedure will easily save you hundreds of $$$.

Get a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and set it up for wet use and simply suck the gunk from the drain from the exit then follow up giving the head unit a good squirt with heavy duty anti mould spray and you're done.

6. Stop the mould coming back with power crystals.

Place a tub of Green Goo on the head unit intake and it will stay mould free for a minimum of 30 days.

7. Use Green-Goo Power Gel Crystals in your house to kill the airborne mould spores.

By Simply spraying Green-Goo anti-mould spray into the air-conditioner you will be able to get rid of the mould. Follow up by using the Green-Goo Power Gel Crystals and you won't have any more mould issues.

What's even better is that the gel also kills viruses, bacteria and dust mites - perfect for people that suffer from asthma.

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