Discover Our Natural Car Diffuser for a Sustainably Protected Interior

Well-used and loved cars are a blessing - transporting the kids in their damp cozzies and muddy sports shoes, carrying wet dogs to and from their swim at the park and withstanding various drips, spills, and splashes from drinks and unexpected rain showers.  

Unfortunately, anywhere there's moisture and warmth – such as in your car - there's a possibility of dangerous mould build-up.

This toxic substance is capable, over time, of causing problems for the young and old and those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. In addition, prolonged mould exposure can be fatal for pets.

Instead, rely on Green-Goo's innovative natural car diffuser range to disguise unwelcome aromas while adding a pleasant scent to the vehicle’s interior.

More About Our Car Air Diffuser Collection

The Green-Goo organic car air diffuser range relies on our versatile Eco Sentinel concentrate.

We make this eco-friendly product from naturally sourced, antimicrobial and anti-mould Eugenol (clove) and Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils, helping to protect your car from even the toughest mould and other harmful pathogens.

Our proudly Australian-made products use only sustainably sourced, local ingredients, helping us keep your car mould and pathogen-free and support local communities, the economy, and the planet

How Does Our Autophyll Essential Oil Car Diffuser Work?

Just add a few drops of Eco Sentinal to one of our beautiful and practical car diffuser freshening pads, and allow the air from your vent to do the rest.

The essential oil vapour will disperse through the car, helping to keep the air fresh and mould- and pathogen-free.

For an additional personalised scent, why not add a few drops of your favourite essential oil?

Then, when the time comes, replace the freshener pad for sustainable and value-for-money car vent diffusing.

Our Anti-Mould and Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Range

Our attractive and effective Autophyll collection of car diffusers offers a design and application for everyone, including air vent and keyring diffusers:

So, for a natural and eco-friendly air vent or hanging car diffuser from Australia, browse our air-boosting antimicrobial and anti-mould options and place your order today. Alternatively, please get in touch with us with any questions.