To Prevent or Treat Mould Build-Up, Rely on Our Natural Diffuser From Australia

Homes, offices, cars, and other interior spaces subject to moisture combined with warmth are vulnerable to toxic mould build-up over time.

These moulds are pathogens, potentially exacerbating asthma, allergies, and other respiratory symptoms over time. They create challenges for the young and old and are possibly fatal to pets with repeated exposure.

So, consider using a Floraphyll eco-friendly hand carved natural diffuser from Australia to help prevent and address mould in living and working spaces.

More About Our Natural Home Diffuser Products

Green-Goo's attractive natural standing and hanging natural living diffuser products contain Floraphyll, our air diffusing system utilising the Australian Banksia Grandis tree seed pod. 

Thanks to the seed pod's density, the products can soak up essential oils, slowly releasing the oil vapours and their anti-mould benefits into your spaces. Your diffuser comes preloaded with Green-Goo's antimicrobial Eco Sentinel essential oil concentrate, lasting approximately a month. To top up, add more oil.

In addition:

  • We Only Use Natural Oils for Our Diffuser:

    Our Eco Sentinel natural oil for your diffuser comprises responsibly sourced anti-mould and antimicrobial Australian Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Clove oils.

  • Each Natural Room Diffuser Is Unique:

    Our hand-carved standing and hanging aroma pods and coasters include a combination of the seed pod's rough edges, a natural reddish velvety fur, and openings once housing the Banksia seeds.

    Each product's beautiful natural appearance depends on the original pod, meaning each of our diffusers is unique.

  • Our Attractive Natural Diffuser is Sustainable and Durable:

    For safer, more responsible mould protection and aroma, our natural diffuser was designed with your health, sustainability and the planet's health in mind.

    In addition, the robust nature of the pods yields reliable longevity and value for money.

Our Natural Home Fragrance Diffuser Range

Green-Goo's natural scent diffuser collection includes our Floraphyll system:

  • Cold Diffuser Aroma Pod: This naturally stylish and appealing standing diffuser is a desirable Australiana home décor piece, a talking point for guests, and practical protection from mould and other harmful household pathogens. Available individually or in a convenient three-pack.
  • Banksia Grandis essential oil diffuser hanger: This beautiful hanging diffuser, hand carved from the native Australian Banksia Grandis tree's seed pod, is ideal for use with your preferred essential oil. 

    Add some drops to the diffuser, position it in an airy spot, and enjoy your favourite aromatherapy scent throughout your space.

  • Banksia Coaster: These delightful slices of Australian art made from Banksia seed pods work the same way as our aroma diffuser pods, helping to protect your surfaces from stains while keeping your air fresher and safer.
  • Automatic Air Diffuser: Consider our battery-operated automatic diffuser for enclosed spaces. It's perfect for dispensing our Green-Goo power crystal vapour in poorly ventilated areas. 

    You can set the diffuser to operate day, night or both, with or without a two/two or 5/15 minute on-off timer.

In addition to Australia's best natural diffuser, you'll also find our fun and effective Zombie Bum and Anti Politics air fresheners and our JuJu Eyeball hanging pack. These products are useful for repelling bad smells and insects and, of course, zombies and the unmistakable and unwelcome "stench of politicians".

Browse our exciting range of natural diffusers today, or get in touch for more information.