Anti Mould Spray Concentrate 125ml

Anti Mould Spray Concentrate 125ml

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You need to KILL mould before you can get rid of it otherwise it WILL come back. Most mould "cleaners" simply make mould transparent, as it's never actually killed so the mould comes back with a vengeance!

Green-Goo Anti Mould Spray KILLS mould and is an excellent primer before using the Green-Goo Power crystal Gels to inhibit further mould growth in indoor spaces. Specially formulated using our proprietary formulation of mould killing essential oils Green-Goo smells lovely while killing nasty mould.

To sanitise your House with Green-Goo Anti Mould spray just spray, wait 20 minutes for it to sink in and kill the mould, then clean off with a cloth and gibe it another hit of spray for good measure.

This is the most economical way to purchase this product- BYO spray bottle and you're all set to tackle some serious mould issues. Please note while the container may change due to availability, the contents will be the same

Simply dilute the entire contents of this little bottle into your own 1litre spray bottle with regular tap water. It's the same legendary mould killer, just concentrated.

Makes 1litre of regular strength Anti Mould spray.

Customer Reviews

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Kerrie Smith
I don’t know

Do the spray bottles work with out a tube to transfer the liquid to the sprayer or do I need to purchase them separately. If so I’m not happy. Cannot use my purchase from you. 2 new spray heads and I am unable to use them. 🤨🤨🤨

Hi Kerrie, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The spray bottle comes with a tube and should work without any additional purchases. I'll get some new ones out to you straight away. Thank you for your feedback.

Works well - smells great

Really good product

Julie Freeman

This is the best smells great works like it says it does. Can't ask for more than that. Will continue to order as I need to. And will recommend to everyone.

Anti Mould Spray Concentrate

Haven’t used it yet

Green goo is the mould removing solution

This green goo is life changing!!!
There is nothing else I’ve tried (including exit mould, natural anti mould & bacteria sprays, pure clove and eucalyptus oil with vinegar & the list goes on!!!) that works this well!!
We live in a very mould prone place w high humidity and this is our new cleaning solution for mould. It also keeps the area clean of mould for longer!!
Thank you green goo :)