Zombie Bum Air freshener

Zombie Bum Air freshener

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Just one squirt of this cheeky stuff is enough to stop the relentless advance of the walking dead without the need for petrol starved chainsaws, heavy axes or guns loaded with one too few bullets. It’s also quite good at killing the puke inducing stench from the morning after the night before.

PROVEN* effectiveness against 99% of Zombies**

*Can you see any zombies? 

**Except Politicians, although it can be argued that Politicians need a brain to become zombies and are therefore immune to any zombie contagion.

(it's also amazing at taming toxic toilet syndrome).

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Customer service great.

Zombie Bum Air freshener

Excellent product, but the review requests are never ending, which reminds me I should never give a personal email address.

Customer Review

Firstly the product is fantastic and I’ve recommended it to several of our friends.
Secondly the customer service was fantastic, due to Aust Post not seeing clearly the numbers on the houses in our street our parcel was delivered next door, and as there is a fractured friendship at the moment their kids unwrapped the parcel and did not pass it on to us. Thinking I would probably lost my money I contacted Goo and both they and I put an enquiry into AUS Post. I was told by Goo that they had a process in place so if it occurred they would keep me updated on any contact and if I did to pass it on to them. Low and behold AP delivered another parcel to us a few days later and we ask the postman where was it, he admitted delivering next door (although we were home), he kindly went and collected it. I can say from the misadventure that communication from Goo was exceptional and that their customer service is FIRST CLASS, as well as their products! Keep up the good work.

Jane Wilce
Zombie Bum Air Freshner

Hello Green Goo Gang,
I did give Zombie Bum a 5 Star review in my last review, along with Green Goo and Mould Spray. Love your products.

Brenda Rose
An air freshener that works!

I tried the Zombie bum after having teenage grandchildren camped in their bedrooms & it was brilliant. The clove smell just clears the air immediately.