Mould Bloom Events

Also known as Mold Humidity Blooms, these events typically occur during our monsoon season and are common during cyclones with relatively high temperatures and humidity over 70%. Mould Blooms are very challenging as the conditions for mould growth are extremely favourable, but it is vital to minimise mould as it is very dangerous to the human and animal health. This guide is designed to help you to address the bloom event as it is happening, we have additional blogs to help you after the event.

HOW TO HANDLE A Mould Bloom Event.

During an MBE you must act fast as potentially dangerous mould will be growing rapidly around you; literally in front of your eyes.

  1. Control leaks immediately. If your roof starts leaking get it fixed, consider calling SES on 132500.
  2. Close doors and windows during heavy rain to stop water entering the house.
  3. Check and refill Green Goo Mould Buster Gels and ensure at least one unit is deployed as per instructions in every regular size room, use multiple units in larger rooms or rooms that are prone to moisture.
  4. Mop up any water immediately and treat area with Green Goo Anti Mould Sprays .
  5. Turn on ceiling fans to promote ventilation.
  6. Turn on Air Conditioning and set to DRY MODE.
  7. When using clothes dryers make sure the exhaust vents outside- HINT- use a fan to help blow the exhaust outside.
  8. When cleaning mould use gloves and face masks if possible.
  9. Clean visible mould promptly with Green Goo Anti Mould Sprays 
  10. Act promptly to address mold-infected material to minimise harm and avoid spreading contamination. If necessary isolate the material in plastic bags to treat when you have more time.
  11. Take care to handle affected material cautiously to avoid spore spread.  Using fans to hasten drying is probably not a good idea, as they will spread mould spores through the atmosphere. Similarly, avoid drying mouldy materials in a space where the mould spores could contaminate a shared air-conditioning system. Materials that feel cool or show evidence of moisture need further drying time.
  12. When washing clothes use an anti mould treatment such as Eco Sentinel to stop mould in your machine and kill moulds spores on clothing. 
  13. Use a Hygrometer if you have one handy- anything over 70% indicates mould will be growing.