In addition to mould commonly appearing in humid, poor-ventilated spaces like your bathroom, mould can also appear on walls throughout your house. However, you can rest assured that if this is your situation, Green Goo’s products are excellent wall mould killers.

Furthermore, in addition to potentially causing adverse health effects, mould can negatively impact the home’s structural integrity and cause unsavoury smells inside the house. No matter where you live in Australia, mould will inevitably find its way into your home —  if and when this occurs, it is vital to have a plan in place with products you trust. That is where Green Goo’s wall mould killer products come into action.

Common Questions About Mould in the Home and How Green Goo Products Can Remove Mould from Walls

To learn everything you need to know about mould on your walls and what Green Goo products can do to help, consult the list of frequently asked questions below.

  1. What Causes Mould in the Home?

    Mould typically needs a moist, damp environment that is poorly ventilated in order to thrive. That is why areas within the home that experience low ventilation and enhanced humidity levels, like the bathroom and laundry, experience mould the most.

  2. What Does It Mean When there Is Mould on my Wall?

    When mould appears on a wall in a space with good ventilation, low humidity and low moisture levels — like a bedroom or living room, this may indicate a leak. In this case, both the leak and the mould on the wall need to be addressed immediately.

    However, mould on the wall may also occur if the home has recently experienced high moisture levels and/or humidity - this is typically the case in flood-affected homes. Where this is the situation, the house will need to be inspected and the problem rectified by a qualified professional.

  3. Is It Important to Remove Mould From My Walls?

    Mould can cause various adverse health effects, negatively impact the home's structural integrity, and cause unpleasant odours within the home. Removing mould from your home is very important and must be done using processes and products you can trust, like Green Goo's Anti Mould spray, an excellent mould killer for walls
  4. Can Green Goo Products Help Remove Mould on My Walls?

    Yes, however, as mentioned above, if mould does appear on the wall, it usually indicates a leak beneath the surface. In this case, the leak must be fixed. Here, Green Goo’s Anti Mould Bathroom Spray and Mould Killer Crystals can be used between the removal and reapplication of the wall.

    However, if only a small part of the wall has been impacted, Green Goo’s wall mould killer products can be used to assist in removing mould from the wall’s surface.